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The Professional's Corner irstaxsolvers™ Forum now has a section available to the public. This forum is a chance for you to get some general questions answered about how the system works and an idea of what options you might have. Anyone can view messages. Registration is required to post a new message.

The recent CBS Marketwatch article Losing Lure of a 125% Loan (registration required) includes a quote from Ken Weaver.



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irstaxsolvers offers a variety of information to help you solve your tax problems. Whether you are searching for information about audits, or are looking for news about the latest tax law revisions, we have the information you need.

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Changes in law on deducting cost of SUV

You may have heard that you can write off up to $100,000 of the cost of a luxury sport utility vehicle. Up until quite recently, this was true. [Full Article]

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